1. Payment is due the first day the class occurs in the month.
  2. You may pro-rate your monthly payment if your plays has to miss the first week.
  3. Payment can be submitted by check, cash or the Square Cash app.
  4. Once you submit your payment, your player has made a commitment to be at class that month.


You may get credit for absences under the following circumstances:

  1.  Weather-related cancellation
  2. Chronic illness or injury lasting a month or longer (broken leg, torn ACL, etc.)
  3. Death in the family

You will not get a credit for the following:

  1. Illness or injury
  2. Lack of transportation
  3. Conflict with another sporting activity
  4. Homework and etc.



Hot Shotz Advanced

$76/148 mo.*


High School JV / Advanced Middle School Team | 18 & Under / 14 & Under | Ball: Yellow
*$76/mo. once weekly and $148/mo. twice weekly

Hot Shotz Extreme

$76/148 mo.*


Middle School Advanced Intermediate Team: 14 and under | Ball: Yellow
*$76/mo. once weekly and $148/mo. twice weekly

Excel I

$76/148 mo.*


Advanced beginner thru intermediate elementary school | Team 10 and Under | Ball & Court: Orange -  60'  Court
*$76/mo. once weekly and $148/mo. twice weekly

Excel II

$76/148 mo.*


Team 12 and under | Advanced Intermediate Elementary School | Ball & Court: Green Dot / 78' Court
*$76/mo. once weekly and $148/mo. twice weekly

Hot Shotz Select

$72/144 mo.*


High School Varsity | 18 & Under
*$72/mo once weekly and $144/mo twice weekly

Private Lessons

Private 1 hour



Receive one hour of tennis instruction from a PTR tennis professional.

Private 1/2 Hour



Receive a 30 minute instruction from a PTR teaching professional.

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